Home again

We are home. And it’s all a bit sad. I’ve never felt like this after a holiday and it’s great that we’ve had such a good time but it’s pants to be fed up! Despite doing lots of washing while we were away I still seem to be surrounded by clothes driers and radiators with washing on. Bah humbug.

However, there was a lovely bunch of flowers from our next door neighbour and in the post was a postcard from Mrs L which made me smile, and also the info for our forthcoming weekend break at Center Parcs!

On a sadder note K’s grandma is in hospital after suffering a stroke. She’s 93 and has lived by herself for about 20 years. She’s doing ok apparently and we’re planning to visit her over the weekend. Hopefully she’ll make a good recovery and it won’t affect her independence too much. I really hope so.

Lots of errands to run tomorrow including the dreaded school shoe shopping. Wish me luck!

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