Little worrier

We’ve been to see K’s nan today. As I mentioned on Friday, she’s in hospital after a fall which resulted from a mini stroke.

We explained it to T and A and told them that she’s going to look frail and a bit poorly but that’s she’s being well looked after and is getting better slowly. They took it all in their stride and we set off quite alright.

A was fine until we reached the hospital when she grabbed my hand very tightly and said she was a bit worried. I said that was understandable and that if she was unsure about going in then I would stay outside with her. K’s mum and T had gone in ahead as it takes her a while to get up the stairs due to her arthritis, while we parked the car.

When we arrived at the ward T announced that A wouldn’t be able to go in as she’s under 12. She immediately burst into tears as she wanted to give Nan the card she’d made her. We said if would be fine for her to pop in and she eventually calmed down enough to go in. Nan was sitting in the chair by her bed looking very small and frail. A gave her the card and a hug but was very upset to see her looking poorly. She helped Nan open her cards but then we were told only 2 visitors were allowed in so we went off to the waiting room. A promptly burst into tears again. She was very worried and upset by the whole thing. It’s hard to reassure your child that someone is going to be fine when that person is 94 and recovering from a stroke and I have always tried to be honest with the kids (at an appropriate level) and I can’t tell A that Nan is going to be fine! I explained that she’s feeling better (she’s making progress with her mobility on her left side and is still very much on the ball mentally) and that although she won’t be around forever she’s still with us now and is doing okay. It’s so difficult to explain this to a 9 year old.

We went back in to say goodbye and give more hugs and A perked up a bit. She had a tummy ache at bedtime and said that she will be thinking about someone special all night. Bless her. She’s a very sensitive girl and I think this is going to be something we’ll have to have more chats about.

T was very grown up today helping K’s mum up the stairs at the hospital (he offered to go in with her) and then while we were waiting by the ward. He’s not really said much about it all but this evening he said that before each session at the Noise project (more on this later) the leader asks if there is anyone special that people would like to have mentioned in their prayers, and he would ask for Nan to be included. Good lad – she’d like that.

So, we need to keep our thoughts positive and hope she’s makes a good recovery.

The Noise project is a local initiative run by the baptist church to get young people involved in helping others in the community. It takes place over 3 days and groups of our youngsters go out and do jobs for people such as cutting back hedges, painting fences, or clearing rubbish. T did 2 days last year and loved it so he’s doing the full 3 days this year. He struggled a bit with the prayer side of things last year but he’s matured a lot this year and though he still hates RE (!) he’s not so bothered about it now. It will be interesting to see what jobs he gets to do this year. I’m hoping there will be updates with photos that I can share with you.

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