Oops, I did it again

Lovely day yesterday. Mrs L came round for her daughter C to have a chat with T about starting secondary school next week. Was v lovely to see her as, again, I normally see her nearly every day and this is the first catch up we’ve had all summer. She arrived with a mahoosive bag full of goodies so we all enjoyed a delish brunch while the chat continued.

We then popped to see G&G in the afternoon as they’re off on their holidays on Friday. Lovely cuppa and Swiss roll! We seemed to chat non-stop (T especially which was rather nice). Grandma wanted to know about connecting to Wi-fi while they’re away as they have the facility at their cottage, so T showed grandad how to connect with his iPad. Hopefully we may be able to FaceTime with them while they’re away – the other way around for a change!

Then later in the evening I had book club – I know it’s not even 3 weeks since the last one but we couldn’t fix a date early enough in September so have had to have an interim one to keep us all going. As usual there was cider and also crisps and my fudge from Southwold to eat. It was another great evening.

BUT……I have woken up this morning feeling like I have a basketball where my stomach should be. I was so pleased on our return from holiday to find that I hadn’t put on any weight. So, typical me, I have just carried on eating naughty things. Forgetting of course that we were cycling, walking, swimming etc. while we were away and now I’m SITTING AT MY DESK!!!!! Okay, I’m not weighing myself because that’s just foolish, but I am starting healthy eating right now. And depending on the weather I am going to get out over the weekend and get some exercise! Will I ever learn?!


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