Topsy Turvy

I’ve always got to this stage in the school holidays and feel desperate to get back into the normal routine of day to day life. And this year is no exception. I’ve had a nice day – A and I popped out to the shops to try and get a few last minute back-to-school bits and we had a lovely time mooching round the shops and having a bite to eat.

But nothing feels right.

T has been doing the Noise project for the last 2 days which has meant he’s out of the house all day and part of the evening. And that feels weird. (He’s having a great time getting his hands dirty doing lots of different jobs at people’s homes and at the school.)

We’ve been a bit slack with bedtimes since we got back from our hols and our evenings alone are shorter meaning we’re staying up later – which in turn means I have been watching the Ten O’clock News. Bad idea. It’s so depressing. We’ve been catching up with programmes we’d recorded while we were away and we don’t normally watch so much TV. I’m not reading hardly at all as we’re going to bed later.

Argh. It all needs to stop and get back to normal!

It’s lovely to go away and it’s lovely to have the kids off for the summer….but…..I do thrive on routine and everything being as it should be. I’m not wanting to wish my life away but roll on Wednesday!

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