Let’s go fly a kite!

Sorry for not posting yesterday. It was a bit of a non-entity, I did have a happy day but not for any real reason.

Today however has been pretty good! After a lovely lie in (well for the other 3 as I don’t really do lie-ins) we had a lazy morning before a scrummy roast Sunday lunch – which I even had help making!

Then this afternoon we met up with my brother P and his crew. We decided to meet up at the Downs for some fresh air and after the success of our geocaching at Dunwich thought we could give it another go and see what the others all thought of it. Great plan until we realised that the GPS we were supplied with didn’t work quite the same way as the one at Dunwich. After much faffing around we resorted to just a walk into the woods where there’s some fab climbing to do and dens to build.

While the kids were busy P tried to get the GPS working and I pulled the app up on my phone. Between us we managed to locate a cache and then got the kids to try and find it. They were v excited and thought it was quite cool so we decided to find another one. Success! Until the youngest member of the tribe wanted to do a swap with a helicopter in the cache but without having anything to swap with! A few tears but soon over so off we went to fly our kites. When I say kites I actually mean some flimsy bits of plastic attached to some string! But we got them up and they stayed up a while. We did feel slightly inferior to some of those around us but it was a lot of fun.


After a few too many crash landings it was time to head back to ours for refreshments and to make plans for a certain special persons birthday celebrations! Yippee so excited! Can’t say more as there’s a chance she might read this! 😉

Early nights all round, especially T after his busy days and nights with The Noise. Two more days and then the routine starts again. Just need to sort out the trouser disaster. I bought two packs of two pairs for T only to discover when I came to name them yesterday that one set are Short. Uh oh. If there’s one thing that T isn’t it’s short! Just hope that we can find some Long ones! Oh the joys.


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