13 years on…

We’ve never been the most romantic of couples. We don’t do public displays of affection. And we definitely don’t do big declarations of undying love on social media. In previous years we’ve not bothered with presents and sometimes not even cards. But I do wonder if I’ve plummeted to the depths of un-romanticism this year. I bought K a carving board. Yes, a board to carve meat or bread on. It’s a very nice one that he’d seen when we were out, but it is nonetheless a carving board.

Is this what 13 years does? Or maybe it’s just that he’s quite tricky to buy for, with most of the things he’d really like costing the earth (Tag Heuer watch, anyone?) so I’ve had to resort to this? The classic moment though was when A mentioned (subtly primed by her mother) to K on Friday that I’d bought him a gift and card and maybe they should pop out to get me something? His reaction? “Huh. Really? I thought we didn’t do presents? Oh ok then.” So much enthusiasm. But he did go out and bless her she did point him towards a savings pot I’d seen and took him to Hotel Chocolat. Thank heaven for little girls.

I’d planned a nice meal to have once the kids were occupied reading in bed (getting harder to have meals on our own these days) but K hadn’t had time for any lunch and was (and I quote) “Hank Marvin, what times dinner?” So we ended up eating it while the kids were roaming around. Yes I really think romance (what little there was) is truly dead.

Even the film I’d chosen was diabolical and we ended up turning it off! Disaster. Still the chocs were yummy and I’ve had Creme Brûlée so all is not lost. Note to self for next year – Must Try Harder.



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