They think it’s all over….

…it is now. So, tomorrow normal service resumes. The kids seem ready for it and I feel ready for it. But, I am glad it’s a short week to ease us in gently.

My plan to get back into healthy eating didn’t really work out so I’m hoping it will start now that I’m not being persuaded to buy cake, crisps, bread, etc. I know I didn’t have to eat the aforementioned naughties but I have no willpower. It’s a known fact.

Looking forward to my twice daily walks up to school to get a little bit of exercise. And looking forward to my little outings with Mrs F and, as the lovely Mrs L reminded me yesterday, my little chats on the Buddy Bench. Yes, as we are now collecting from the top playground again we get to sit on the bench and wait in relative comfort (compared to the cement bench we’ve had to endure the last year).

T went off to the swimming pool with his friends this afternoon as a final holiday outing so A and I decided to go and pick some blackberries from the field behind the house. Lovely idea. Choice of footwear not ideal – flip flops and fields don’t really mix. And slim pickings around so not a very impressive haul. Probably just enough to get a hint of blackberry in a crumble! But we had a laugh and some fresh air so not too bad.

Lovely postcard arrived today for T & A from G & G from their holiday in Dorset. We were able to FaceTime with them on Sunday night which was great . Their cottage looks lovely, including the sponge cake they’d been left as a welcome! Looking forward to seeing them at the weekend. Always feels a bit weird when they’re away.

Big day tomorrow for another special person in my life which I’m not going to go into detail about here. Suffice to say that they are in my thoughts and I’m going to be waiting for news. Much admiration at their tenacity and courage and I’m hoping that the outcome tomorrow is the right one!

Off to bed to carry on reading my latest book – The Handmaid’s Tale – which I’ve wanted to read for years and came across by chance in a second hand book shop in Aldeburgh. I’m really enjoying it and pleased to finally get to read it.


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