I can see the sea…..

Today was the first part of Grandma’s 70th birthday celebrations. She doesn’t like a lot of fuss and definitely doesn’t like big parties or posh hotels so it was collectively agreed that a day by the seaside would be a good plan. And a secret plan.

We had such a brilliant day in Frinton last year for T and Uncle P’s birthdays that it seemed the perfect choice. Auntie C booked the beach hut again and we said we would pick G & G up as they were driving back from Dorset the day before and it would be a bit much for grandad to drive all the way to Frinton the next day.

So at 10 o’clock we collected them as planned and off we went. Great journey with a quick stop off to collect the hut keys. Twenty minutes out of Frinton A announced that she was desperate for a wee and for the rest of the journey we tried all the usual diversionary tactics, including the favourite “who can see the sea first?” – my favourite one from my childhood and an absolute winner every time. Brilliant. Luckily we got parked very close to the toilets so she was soon happy again.

A lovely day ensued with lots of yummy food, chat, swimming in the sea (the offspring), sandcastle building (offspring again), rounders (offspring and Uncle P) and more food! The beach hut is an absolute bonus and is really well equipped but my favourite question of the day was from my youngest niece asking “where’s the tap? I need to was my hands!”. Clearly the “sink” with the bucket under and the missing taps was a bit confusing!

We’ve decided we will try and make it an annual family trip as we all enjoy it so much. Hopefully as the kids get older they will still enjoy the beach as much as they do now…..and enjoy each other’s company still.

Looking forward to part two of grandma’s birthday with the pressies and a meal out. Yippee!




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