All’s well that ends well.

Sorry for the radio silence of the last few days. It’s been a funny old week and it’s only Wednesday!

Poor grandad sustained a bit of a leg injury at the end of our day trip on Saturday whilst trying to move a bench back into the beach hut. It felt like he’d pulled a muscle in his calf and he really struggled back up the hill to the car. It was no better by Tuesday morning so he popped to see the doctor, who referred him for a scan at the hospital to check for a DVT. So off we went to Hemel where after a shortish wait he had some bloods taken and was booked in for a scan the following day (today). The blood tests showed a slight cause for concern so we were all anxiously awaiting the scan today.

To make this slightly more stressful G&G were having their windows replaced on Monday and Tuesday! And today was grandmas 70th birthday! What a week. Anyway, I’ve kept you in suspense long enough, and the results of today’s scan was all clear – no DVT – hurray!!! He’s still in pain but at least it’s without the worry of something more sinister to think about.

So the second stage of the birthday plans were able to go ahead and we’ve had a lovely meal at Prezzo with a few laughs about dead legs and kicking under the table. (We’re a family that deals with most things via the medium of humour, albeit a slightly sick sense of humour).

Grandma seemed pleased with her new kindle (which I now need to set up and instruct her on the use of) and her new “treat tin” with A’s homemade shortbread biscuits in. The cake we’d had made also went down well and tasted as good as it looked. A lovely end to a stressful day!

Funny moment for the day:
T asking if he could write about cake for an RE assignment. The question is “what do you worship?”

Good for the soul moment of the day: clearing the air with a person I feel I let down in the past.

Best news of the day: the all clear for the gammy leg of the most important man in the world.

Happiest moment of the day: seeing my wonderful mum surrounded by her fabulous grandchildren, all with huge smiles.





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