TGI Friday

Friday. I love Friday.

And this was a very good Friday. K had the day off to go shopping. And A was on the praise bench. Good timing for once. He’s not often able to go to things at school so she was thrilled to bits.

Her award was the teachers certificate for year 5 for “a settled start to year 5; a super citizen”. Very proud. She’s loving being in her new class and seems to have a good relationship with her new teacher. Long may it continue.

A successful trip at the shops for K, after an initial panic when he remembered en route that he’d left the 25% discount voucher on the side in the kitchen! (My fault for rushing him. We have a standing joke in our family that everything is my fault.) I saved the day by suggesting he find the email on his phone and show it to the cashier. Simples.

And even I came home with a shopping bag. Containing 4 pairs of jeans that cost a total of thirty quid. It’s like a uniform for me – I either wear jeans or pyjamas – so it was a no brainer really.

After school A was off out for her first proper sleepover for a school friends birthday. Excited doesn’t come close. I was slightly more apprehensive about how the 6 girls were going to get along for the night as they can’t seem to manage a few hours at school without some drama and falling out. I am waiting on her return this morning to hear how it all went. Watch this space.

As A was out all evening T asked if we could finally watch Gravity, as he’s been waiting weeks! So after a quick dinner we settled down to watch. And really enjoyed it. I can imagine it was incredible to watch at the cinema, as it was pretty amazing on the TV. I love watching films with T as he gets really into it and really enjoys them but he does like to ask lots of questions. Like “how is she going to escape?” Answer “err, I don’t know, I haven’t seen this film before. Let’s watch and see what happens.” Or “Will all that stuff come flying down to earth and kill people?” Answer ” err, I don’t know. I’m not sure what happens to stuff up in space. Perhaps dad knows.” To which K replies “Can we just watch the film and see what happens?”. Or, if he’s seen a film before and we haven’t, he spends the whole time saying “this bits funny. Such and such happens.” “Thanks but can we just watch it?”.

Happy Fridays. How I love them.


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