It’s time….

…..for me to speak to the teacher. Today she was pushed over and called names. I obviously can’t expect school to get involved in things that happen away from school but it’s now getting to a point where she won’t want to go in. She had the one girl that she gets on well with home for tea today and they seemed to have a lovely time. But it was a small reprieve and now she’s worrying about what tomorrow will bring.

On a lighter note. I had a good old chat with Mrs F today over a cuppa and cake and a lovely chat on the bench with Mrs L at school pickup. Am v lucky to have my (few, but special) lovely friends. I hope that my girl will find some like minded people to be lovely with in time too. Mrs L kindly had A round to play with her fab son J yesterday to try and make up for the horror of Friday/Saturday. And it did the job. She had a lovely time and it’s good for her to know that “even though he’s a boy” she has another friend at school. So much for the lighter note. Sorry!

Hoping this sinking feeling in my stomach will go soon. If mine feels like this, I can only imagine what A’s must feel like. Where’s that magic wand when you need one?


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