Quick update on the last few days. A and I had a good chat with her teacher on Tuesday afternoon and, as expected, she was brilliant. She was very sad to hear that A had been upset and was determined to sort out the situation. She is a very experienced teacher (but young enough to be approachable and “get it”) and has no doubt dealt with these types of issues many, many times. She suggested that a group talk with the rest of the girls in the class might be in order and that she would ensure that the girl that pushed A over make amends and apologise to her. So we left the school on a much happier note than on Monday.

Wednesday morning arrived and A woke up with a bad tummy ache. I suggested that this was maybe a touch of anxiety over the coming day and the proposed chat with the other girls – she was adamant that this was not the case, but agreed to give school a go and that she would tell the teacher if it got worse. Needless to say I didn’t get a call and she carried on through until dancing at 5pm. Torture for me, not knowing how the meeting had gone! But it all went OK and the girls have apologised for hurting her feelings and the pusher apologised for her misdemeanour. Only time will tell now whether they stick to their promises.

One very lovely thing that has come out of this is the care that T has shown to his sister while she has been upset. He said that he wishes he was still at the school with her so he could look out for her and has been offering advice on how to deal with it. Bless him – it’s a very different situation when boys fall out – they get over it all so much quicker with a quick apology (normally by text!) and they all move on. Girls seem to harbour such ill-feeling and will drag up old grievances at the drop of a hat when it suits them. Such a shame. But I guess she needs to get used to it as it seems that us girls have these issues whether we are 9 or 42!

All in all it’s been a pretty stressful week so I was very pleased indeed to go to Book Club last night. And a lovely evening it was. I know I’ve said it before, but it really is the loveliest group and we all enjoy it so much. Two of our number were absent on this occasion and we missed them, but we all feel that even if only two of us turned up (it would never happen!) we wouldn’t bat an eyelid and would still have just as lovely an evening. None of us are best friends out of the group, some of us know one or two better than others, but we all just get along brilliantly. There are single mums, there are mums of little ones, there are mums of only children, there are teachers, social workers, high flier business types (and there’s also me). There are no egos, no agendas, no undertones, just a mutual love of books (wine, cider and crisps). Fabulous.


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