The big clear out or not?

A few weeks ago K suggested that we should empty the loft and sort out all the stuff we need to keep, get rid of the junk and sort what’s left into car boot sale items and eBay items. Great idea! Not. I hate the loft and have never even poked my head up there. I couldn’t care less if it’s a mess or if it’s full (until I need K to find something for me or put stuff up there for me that I want out of the way).

But today I gave in and agreed to a sort out. Not a great day to choose as I’m battling a sore throat and feel a bit off par. But it had to be done so after a quick trip into Harpenden, K headed up the metal steps to the loft of doom.

How can so much stuff fit in such a small space?! It was a never ending stream of black bags, carrier bags, boxes, pillows, duvets (why so many?!) and stuff. Dusty stuff which made my hands grubby. I hate my hands getting grubby. Our bedroom was rammed, the bed piled up (dust sheet down first) and the landing looked like it could have at least 2 homeless a people living in it.

Bags of clothes. Kids clothes, adults clothes. Bedding. Books. Toys. Lamps. Shoes. Shelves. Too much stuff!!!!!

The most bizarre find was a carrier bag full of door handles. Door handles! Enough for a small hotel. We have seven doors in our house. Why do we have a bag full of handles?! Oh dear. It was a long task. Persuading K that we could be really daring and throw some stuff away took quite some time. And I’m not sure that we really did throw much away. A few empty bags, a few old duvets and pillows. And one bag of clothes. So now we have a section of loft dedicated to a car boot sale that we are not going to do until probably May next year (if we’re lucky). And I have a dining room dotted with stuff to sell online. Great. It’s not the selling that’s the problem, it’s the posting off of the bloody stuff and the arranging of collections of stuff that’s the pain in the bottom.

On a positive note I found some books for A that she was too young for a while back when her cousin passed them on but that are now right up her street, and a new cool bag that I didn’t know existed. Not very exciting, not like a box of precious jewels or a stash of cash, but I’m being positive, remember?!

After all this sorting (which took 4 hours), K announced that it was “just the tip of the iceberg”, and we’d have to have another session another day. What?! No!!!! “And there’s still the garage to do too”. Oh hell.


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