Girls Night Out

When A was in year 3 she was one of a few children who were given the opportunity to work more closely with the teacher for an hour a week looking at their maths. Her friend N was also involved in this little group and as a way to encourage the girls, N’s mum (H) and I agreed that at the end of the 6 weeks we would take them out to tea somewhere like proper grown ups to celebrate. Unfortunately, the 6 week programme stopped after about 3 weeks (with not much in the way of explanation) so the celebration tea never happened.

However, the girls have never forgotten our promise and for the rest of year 3 and the whole of year 4 would now and again mention the “tea that never happened”. So, duly shamed, H and I finally arranged the tea, and we went out last night. We only went to a pub up the road that serves pretty bog-standard chain pub-grub, but the girls couldn’t have been happier. It was a lovely evening, especially with the unpleasantness of last week. A had a lovely time and we have agreed that we will do it again. We shouldn’t need an excuse for a Girls Night Out!

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