Taking liberties?!

I’m going a bit blog crazy today I’m afraid but I’ve got to get this off my (inadequate) chest.

Yesterday at school T was rostered to do Office Duty. This involved missing 3 lessons in order to help the admin staff by running errands. He missed IT, French and Science. K and I were both quite astonished by this, especially as if was for 3 hour lessons. Seems extreme. This wasn’t a punishment – I think it’s deemed as some sort of perk!

Anyway, after much discussion we decided an email to the school might be in order to establish the reasoning behind this idea. I was all set to write one this afternoon but needed to wait for T to come home to get the email address of his form tutor.

He arrived home with the very surprising news that he had again been doing Office Duty as the rostered student was ill. So today, he has missed Maths, English and PE.

Now, at the end of last school year T came home with a letter to say that he needed to improve his maths grades or risk being moved down at October half term. This was not great news but not wholly unexpected as it’s not his strong point. He’s worked hard over the holidays going over old ground and started the year feeling positive. However, this weekend he had some homework which he going difficult and which K and I could not help with. So T spoke to his maths teacher yesterday and she reassured him she would cover it in today’s lesson. WHICH HE MISSED BECAUSE HE WAS DOING OFFICE DUTY!!!

Am so cross and an email has been sent (with major misgivings on T’s part) and I eagerly (?) await a response. Watch this space.

On another (related) note I have been feeling guilty about my planned deceit of ringing him in sick on Monday so that we can enjoy our long weekend at Center Parcs. I fully accept the schools conditions about attendance and agree that absences are not good. However, this week the school closes at lunchtime so that the staff can prepare for their annual open evening, and will open late on Friday to give them chance to get sorted out afterwards. Along with his 2 sessions of Office Duty T will have missed nearly a whole day and a half of schooling. So my question is: should I feel guilty?! I’m starting to think: no.


One thought on “Taking liberties?!

  1. gilllilley

    Having read this entry I am utterly outraged. I refuse to standby and say nothing…..you do not have an ‘inadequate chest’. Seriously, sending you a great big supportive non chest squashing hug.x


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