Ten again

Another brilliant day yesterday.

Swimming again in the morning while G&G relaxed with a coffee. This time we had agreed that I would not have to partake in any extreme slide activities, but I must have got some courage from somewhere (perhaps like the lion in the Wizard of Oz) and I decided to give the 2 man raft slide a go with my boy. And it was great! I’m never going to be an adrenaline junkie but I’m definitely not going to say no to things all the time now. More Rapids and more relaxing on the lazy river and a good time all round.

Met up with G&G for a quick sandwich before T, A and I headed off to the Activity Centre for a spot of roller-skating. A had asked for skates for Christmas and has only used them twice so my idea was to try and get her confidence up on an indoor rink before trying it out on the pavements at home again. When I was about her age I basically lived with my roller skates attached to my feet. I would have worn them to bed if I’d been allowed. So I was quite excited, although very nervous, about giving it a go! I’ve tried ice skating as an adult recently and was terrified of falling (but more worried about losing a finger or two than breaking a limb). This could have gone horribly wrong with me clinging to the sides of dear life and losing any shred of credibility I have with my kids.

We got padded up and helmets on, then on with the skates. And it was like I was ten again! The way you have to move your feet and using the stoppers to kick off all came flooding back and I was off! Not very speedily I grant you but I didn’t fall over and I didn’t cling to the sides apart from to get my breath back. T was a bit tentative but soon got the hang of it (he loves ice skating so was ok with the concept) but A was still very nervous and no amount of coaxing by me, the instructor or K would persuade her away from the safety of the barrier but she did stay upright and she did manage some gliding with K holding her hands. So much fun and so proud of us all for trying something new (or old as the case may be).

We then collected A’s masterpiece from the pottery room (picture to follow) – she really did an amazing job and the colours she chose were perfect – before her hair braiding appointment. She cunningly chose school colours in the hope that she won’t be asked to remove it! She was desperate to have it done during our summer holiday but the opportunity never arose, so when she saw a child having it done yesterday I agreed she could make an appointment. She’s thrilled with it and I have my fingers crossed that it won’t have to be taken out on her return to school.

A short relax back at the lodge before grandma and I headed off to the spa for a well earned facial. And very relaxing it was too. I always enjoy a bit of pampering and it’s nice to share the experience with mum.

Barbecue night back at our temporary home and a glass of vino before being dragged back to the pool again for a go on the rapids in the dark. So glad we did as it was a totally different experience at night and the kids had a whale of a time. And we were back in time for bed and Downton.

The only negative point all day was having to get our holdalls packed ready for putting in the car in the morning. We are going to make the most of the day here today but it’s always disheartening to have to pack up and ready ourselves for the off. Still, we have all said how it feels like we’ve been here longer than we have (in a good way!) and how relaxed we all are.


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