Fabulous Friday

Crikey, it’s been a long week! I know I’m in no position to complain about anything after the lovely weekend we had, but it seems to have just made this week harder to bear. But thankfully Friday is finally here and I can relax. But wait! No! I have to work today as I was off on Monday. Boo hoo! Fabulous Friday is not so fabulous this week. No cake and coffee with Mrs F. No gentle easing into the weekend.

A has a sleepover tonight with her friend N so she is very excited and has been getting her bag ready since yesterday afternoon. I have strict instructions not to forget anything when I drop it round to the house later on today. The most important things are of course Jerry (the huggable, lovely-faced pillow pet Giraffe that she loves – and I have a soft spot for too) and Rabby (bedtime comfort teddy since the year dot). I love that she still needs them at bedtimes and is not embarrassed to take them with her. She didn’t take them to the disaster sleepover of a few weeks ago, and I think that says a lot about how comfortable she is with N and her family.

First we have Harvest Festival, which A has a speaking part in.She is not very impressed that she has to shout her words and do a rather “embarrassing pointing thing at the end when I ask my question”. The year 6 teacher seems to get tasked with these assemblies and likes to be a bit theatrical with it all. Should be interesting.

So, I am very much looking forward to my indian meal (ready in the fridge waiting to be heated up), a glass of wine (I was supposed to be doing Stoptober but I really think I deserve a glass of vino after the long week, and let’s face it, I’m not exactly a binge drinker so will it really make a difference?) and a film with my boy and K. It’s quite nice to be able to watch a more grown up film sometimes and T does get the raw end of the deal normally when it comes to watching films as a family. We’ve got a good action thriller lined up that has good reviews so hopefully a good evening ahead. At least I won’t be worrying about A all night this time.


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