It’s the little things

Not much to report, it’s been a fairly dull couple of days. Yesterday was particularly miserable what with getting soaked taking A to school, work being a pain and getting soaked collecting A from school again.

But sometimes it’s just one little thing that can brightened my day. On Sunday I’d asked my eldest niece (L) what I can get her for her birthday, at which point she produced a little list from her pocket. I settled on a new dressing gown and ensured that I got all the specific details of how it should look – long, fluffy, NOT PINK, maybe purple and no hearts or anything like that.

So yesterday I had a spare 5 minutes while eating my lunch and looked on t’internet – oh dear, it would seem that our agreed budget of £15 was not going to stretch to a dressing gown of the required calibre. I recalled that they were a few books on her list so after school I sent L a text asking her to confirm the titles, explaining my failed dressing gown mission. I had a lovely reply back along the lines of “these are the two books but they’re both new releases and only in hardback so they might be too expensive to buy both, and it would be really kind if you even bought just one, and I definitely wouldn’t think you could get both. Love you xxx”.

Ahhhh, love you! That made my day and almost brought a little mist to my eyes. L has never been the most affectionate girl, she was never a very cuddly baby and it’s taken a while to get hugs and goodbye kisses so those two little words were really lovely to read. I’ve looked at the books and thank you Amazon for having them both at half price so I can make her happy by getting both – and maybe even a pack of her favourite caramel batons too. Love her.


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