Music and books

I’ve been a bit under par since last week but two things that never fail to settle me down are books and music.

I’ve struggled to find a book to get my teeth into, but I’ve now got one on my kindle that seems to be a good un.

And today I’ve had a double helping of my all time favourite band on TV – I randomly stuck “Later With Jools Holland” on the iPlayer to find that U2 were on and they were amazing; and then tonight I’ve caught up with Graham Norton and they were on there as well, finishing the show with an acoustic rendition of my favourite song from their new (free) album. Just incredible. I was lucky enough to see them live at Wembley stadium circa 1990 and have never heard or seen anyone to compare. It’s amazing how much music means and how much pleasure it gives me. I can’t sing and can’t play any instruments and I NEVER dance but I just love listening and losing myself in it. Just like books.

Things are starting to feel better.

On another note I’ve been very aware that T is not spending as much time downstairs with us at weekends or evenings as he used to so I had a chat with him last night and we’ve decided to start playing cards or scrabble in the evenings – just us two. And we started tonight. Now, I’m not very competitive but I do like a game of scrabble, so I was really pleased that T was such a great opponent! It wasn’t a whitewash like it normally is when I play K, for example. Hopefully we can carry this on and get him spending more time with us again. Have also suggested he plays chess with K -although he reduced me to tears when he tried to “teach” me so maybe that’s not such a great idea!


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