My cup runneth over…..

… much to be happy about today. A very successful (in as much as I bought some things for other people that will hopefully make them smile) shopping trip with Mrs F, which started with a nine item (yes, that’s nine items) breakfast at Ikea. Then, after the compulsory purchase of candles (plus some fairy lights and picture frames) we headed off to The Centre:MK. A hideous place at weekends, it’s actually quite pleasant on a week day.

We managed to get everything we needed and some other bits as well.
The joy of the haberdashery department in John Lewis is unparalleled, and I bought a lovely button (yes you are reading correctly) and some wool – I even learnt that there is such a thing as a “lot code” so you know that the 2 balls of wool you are purchasing will be exactly the same shade. Who knew?! I certainly didn’t and had a lovely exchange with the lady who served me. She was thrilled to be passing on her knowledge and I was very excited to be starting my project with the correct colour wool. I could have spent all day in there. My new winter project is a cushion cover for A made up of 4 alternating colour squares (2 different colours) with one square containing her initial. That’s the plan. Let’s see how it ends up!

After a lovely day of not thinking about much at all, I picked A up from school and she got ready for her friends birthday party. Outfit finally sorted and hair done she went off fairly happily (I think the last party is still fresh in her mind but she knows this girls mum very well so was less worried). While she was out K and I had a lovely catch up with T. He’s been so chatty and funny – it’s been very heartwarming.

Now to sit down and enjoy an M&S “dine in” meal with K and perhaps a glass of vino.

A nice start to the weekend. I really do feel like my cup runneth over!


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