Camera ready

Yesterday the Beddoe four went off to the BBC studios at Elstree (not the big EastEnders one – the smaller Holby City one) to watch a new Sky TV quiz show being filmed. I’d managed to get guaranteed seats and we were excited to see who the secret “celebrity” host was going to be. After a bit of a setback on the parking front (Tesco’s website didn’t mention a 3 hour limit and the other car parks were full – apart from one by a park in between a series of high rise flats. Nice.) we finally made it to the queue before the 2.15pm deadline. Hurrah. Stickers issued we duly waited in the rather smug “priority” queue until we were ushered in. Whilst waiting I was aware of a young person hurrying over to us who I eventually identified as my eldest niece! Of course I knew who she was but I wasn’t expecting to see her and was thrown slightly for a few seconds! She was there with my other niece and nephew and sister in law – sadly they were in the less-smug queue but far enough ahead that they were fairly sure of getting seats.

We eventually got the all clear to go in to the studio and were given seats fairly close to the front of the upper level (ground level were reserved to friends of the families competing, disabled guests and larger groups) so had a pretty good view of the stage. The warm up guy was very good (he’s been at all the previous shows I’ve been to, so must be a busy man) and the kids were entertained so the wait didn’t drag too much. It was the first time K and A had been so it was all quite interesting. T and I had been to a filming of the Magicians and I’ve been to X factor before so we were a bit more blasé! However this was the first pre-recorded show we’d seen and it was to prove to be quite different.

The presenter/host turned out to be Mel Giedroyc from Bake Off, which was great as both the children are fans and she was very funny and interacted with the audience throughout the filming. The idea was that two families pitted against each other in a quiz format with head to head rounds and a quick fire round at the end. Nothing particularly new or dynamic but still good fun to watch and we knew quite a few answers between us so felt we could easily have been in with a shot of winning had we been taking part!

The retakes and “pick ups” that had to be done were interesting to see and it was an eye opener to see how things are pulled together by the editing team after filming has finished. There were lots of breaks and plenty to see, with some audience participation in games set up by the warm up guy – the best one being “the chocolate biscuit challenge” where a member of the audience has to place a biscuit (chocolate side down) on their forehead and, without the use of their hands, attempt to get it into their mouth just by the use of facial muscles….. Interesting!

It was a good experience and the kids really enjoyed it. It’s a shame we won’t see it aired as we’ve just given up our Sky subscription! Oh well.


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