Half term

It’s been a funny week. Not really funny “ha-ha” funny. I always struggle with October and February half terms as they’re normally dark, wet days and we invariably end up stuck indoors trying to amuse ourselves. I struggle even more with these half terms now that I am working. And this week was no exception. Yes, we went to the TV filming and yes we had a lovely day at G&G’s, but other than that the kids have been stuck at home chilling out and occupying themselves. T’s friends were away or being looked after by relatives so he’s been a bit fed up. A is quite happy doing her own thing but this does normally result in some serious attention-needing later in the day, which is fine.

Friday was the light at the end of J&T tunnel. And what a great day to have as my day off! The sun was shining and the sky was blue. Lovely warm day. A and I had a date with some pottery at the Craft Cabin and had a lovely time in the sun-lit cabin painting an owl plaque and cat (A) and a Christmas tree dish (me). It’s very quiet and calm there and I love getting a bit artistic without the mess to clean up afterwards!

Then after a bacon roll we all set off to Ashridge for a walk. And it was beautiful. We kicked through leaves, climbed the fallen down trees, and walked in just t shirt sleeves. A great way to spend my day off with the kids.


In the evening T was off with his youth club group to Quasar – as an alternative to roaming the streets trick or treating. Great thinking by the youth leader. So A, K and I settled down to watch Maleficent – the Disney film telling the wicked fairy from Sleeping Beauty’s backstory. It was brilliant! Finally a fairy story that doesn’t end in the handsome prince saving the day. Great acting and a great story.

(Not a great end to the night as T came home very late and feeling travel sick. He’d had a good time though!)

A funny week that ended pretty well.


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