Little furry friend

Anyone who knows me even slightly well will know that I’m not a massive fan of our four legged friends – of any description. The children have only ever had a couple of fish for pets and that was under some serious duress.

But last weekend we went out for Sunday lunch at a pub opposite a garden centre in St Albans. After lunch we decided to have a little wander around said garden centre and this included a look at the furry friends section. Very cute rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters were all on display and the children (and K and I) were particularly taken by the cute hamsters. We took some leaflets and had a quick recce of the equipment available and headed home to chat it over. A got online and produced a lovely fact book of hamster facts to help us with our decision.

So after much deliberation (well, not that much) we went back today and are now able to call ourselves a 5 member family. Little Othello* has settled into his new home very well and is currently legging it around his exercise wheel!

* We couldn’t agree on a name despite each putting a suggestion in a hat. We’ve all been saying “hello little fellow” so decided we should call him Othello as it sort of rhymes with fellow…….. Lame!


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