Fab Friday

I’ve been looking forward to this Friday. And it was worth looking forward to. I had a lovely morning discovering the delights of a new* home shop with Mrs L and Mrs F. There were lots of lovely Christmas items to peruse (and purchase – don’t mind if I do!) and other home items (as you’d expect in a home store). The highlight of the visit had to be the humongous bears (not real) for sale. They were so gorgeous we had to have a pic (Mrs F had to rearrange the positioning of Mr Polar Bear to ensure he was looking at the camera). I could have happily climbed on the Mr Brown Bear’s back and hugged him to death (if he wasn’t already so).


A bacon roll and beverage back at our lovely local “farm shop” finished the morning off nicely. I was a bit off par this morning after a bad nights sleep which left me feeling unsettled and slightly “emosh” but after spending the morning with 2 brilliant friends I felt much better.

Tonight we’ve been to the fireworks at the village school which was great – T was reluctant as none of his friends were going but we walked up with our fab next door neighbours so he was ok – until his old year 6 teacher cornered him wanting to know how he was getting on at secondary school – mortified!! I think that’s the last time we will be able to persuade him to go!

Home for fish finger sandwiches – yum!

A lovely day.


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