Comfort Zone

It’s funny how an off-the-cuff remark can get you thinking.

My friend Steve is looking for people to join him on a charity fund-raising trek in Nepal that he is undertaking this time next year. I commented that he would want to kill me by day 1 as I would drive him mad whinging! Because, let’s face it, I would not be sleeping in a comfy bed each night or have the chance to use a nice clean toilet along the way.

His response was to send me the details of the trip because in actual fact it would appear that it would be far less primitive than I was imagining. I dutifully looked at said info and it actually looks and sounds amazing. That is, apart from the long haul flight (killer); suspension bridges to walk across (I can’t even do high ropes at a kids playground); and two weeks away from home (I’d hate it).

Of course I was never seriously contemplating it and Steve was in no way trying to persuade me to go, but it did get me thinking how little I push myself out of my comfortable little bubble that I live in. I know I did a 10 mile walk a couple of years ago but it was just walking. Should I be more adventurous? Should I try and push myself more?

Steve’s reply was “it’s called a comfort zone for a reason Jane and why would you want to leave it?”

Wise words. I wish him well on his adventure and I may have a pang of envy when I see the progress reports, but I am quite happy to remain in my cosy little bubble.


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