It’s beginning to feel a bit like Christmas

Yes, I know that’s not how the song goes, but bear with me.

Today A’s class and the class above took part in a Choir Outreach concert at St Albans Abbey. They have been having weekly sessions since the beginning of the new school year with a music conductor, Rufus, and have been learning four songs for the concert. Along with two other schools from the area, they headed off on the coach to the Abbey earlier this afternoon for a tour of the building and rehearsals. Parents, family and friends were then invited to watch and listen when the concert began at 5pm.

So K, T and I met up with G & G in St Albans and walked down through part of the town to the Abbey. The Christmas lights were all on in the town and it all looked very pretty. Further down on the way was a Christmas market which again looked quite festive.

We went straight in to the Abbey and found seats fairly near the front and on the left – due to a tip-off from the headteacher “she’s in the middle for the first bit and then on that side for the rest!”. The children were just finishing off rehearsing the final song and then were all given a few minutes to have a drink and snack before the concert began. The place was soon very busy and we were glad we’d managed to arrive in good time to get our seats.

The introductions were made and the concert began. A’s school sang with another of the two for the first song and then it was just them doing the four songs they had learned. They were BRILLIANT!! They were the smallest group in number but the biggest in voice. So clear and so pitch perfect. Absolutely outstanding in such a small space of time.

The other two schools were very good and it was a thoroughly enjoyable hour. The Abbey choir were also in attendance and were wonderful.

I’m so thrilled that A and her classmates were able to have this experience. I will certainly remember it for a long time as I’m sure will G&G.
It has definitely made me feel like Christmas is on its way.



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