When I grow up…..

Lovely day out yesterday with Mrs F and Miss T, sampling the delights of Winchester – yummy lunch and a stroll around the Christmas market in the Cathedral ground. All very festive and a great catch-up day.

Today was the day of A’s dance performance with her group that she does Street Dance lessons with. She’s never performed on stage before -apart from singing in the chorus in school plays and one small turn as a fairy – so today was a very exciting day for her (and us). She was due at the Ark Theatre in Borehamwood at 9.30am for a morning of rehearsals and then two afternoon performances in front of a packed audience. There were 6 other classes taking part but A was in two sections as she’s recently started cheerleading as well. So we were up and out this morning, at what felt like the crack of dawn, to get her there in good time. Apart from a few butterflies she was more excited than nervous and didn’t look back when I said goodbye at the stage door.

The next time I saw her was when she appeared on the big screen at the back of the stage at 1pm when the first show started. Her teacher had filmed each of the children taking part and they had been asked to say what they wanted to do when they grew up. (The theme of the show was “when I grow up…”). After a couple of answers such as Popstar, vet and dancer, A answered with “teacher” – an answer that has been consistent since the age of about 2.

Then they came on stage in their onesies and baseball caps ready to start their routine to the song “Big when I was little”. And they were brilliant. Some of the group (I can’t bring myself to use the proper term of “crew”) are only 6/7 years old and A is one of the eldest at 9 so expectations were not high (and I don’t mean that unkindly at all). But they really surprised me and I thoroughly enjoyed it as did Grandma, K and T. They were followed by the other groups with some great dancing and some of the responses to the “when I grow up” question were hilarious – the winning two in my book were “dolphin trainer” and “tattoo artist”. Priceless. Far too many wanted to be famous or popstars or just a celebrity. However there were enough vets and doctors to balance it out. The absolute best answer of the day was by a little 4 year old in A’s school’s nursery group who simply said “I want to be happy”.

A had a fab time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. When I picked her up later she was a little despondent that she had messed up in the second show during her street dance routine and one of the other teachers had got cross with her. But it didn’t ruin the experience for her and I know she will definitely want to do it again if she gets the chance. The cheerleading routine was great despite only 5 weeks practice and she beamed the whole way through it – a real performer.

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