On a positive note….

I’m back. And I’m restarting the “finding the happy”. Too often lately I have given more time to the niggles and the worries and not enough to the fun and the joys. And it ends here. No more worrying about people who aren’t important in the grand scheme of things; no more stressing about silly, trivial matters; more time thinking about what makes me smile and what good things are all around me.

This week my daughter has proved to me the power of positive thinking. She bounces back time and time again and always sees the best of a situation. My mum and I were discussing recently how she appears to have inherited my Nan’s tendency to be a little bit messy (understatement of the year but I’m being glass-half-full here remember) and how they drive us mad respectively. But, on the other hand, she also seems to have inherited my Nan’s eternal optimism and faith that everything will turn out ok. Nan’s is based on a more spiritual level than A’s but she has always seen the best in people and wanted to help those who have lost their way, and A has inherited this in spades. And I couldn’t be more proud or in awe. Yes, she’s stroppy and yes, she’s messy. But she’s also incredibly forgiving and sees the best in people (some of whom frankly don’t deserve it at all).

It’s been a tough week. I have been agonising over paying the deposit for A to go away with school for a week next year. Unpleasant events this week have made the agonising even more, well, agonising. But after a good chat with friends and then with the school’s parent liaison teacher I feel much better about it. I’ve been told I need to be upbeat and encouraging about the trip (which I will be) but I’ve also been told that my worries are not ridiculous, that she (said teacher) is in my corner and that she will ensure that nothing happens to spoil the trip.

Today, we are off to see that other beacon of positivity for a pre-Christmas visit. Happy moment already ticked. But first I’m looking forward to seeing my boy who was out last night at a friends house for a sleepover. And spending the day with my family. And an evening in with the lovely chocs and wine that a special person gave me. The happy is back.


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