Author’s note

In all the upset of last week I forgot to post about the letter that my lovely girl received in the post. At the beginning of the summer holidays A wrote a letter to an author, Anna Wilson, whose books she enjoys very much. She had just finished reading one called Kitten Caboodle and wanted to write and tell her how much she had enjoyed it, and to tell her of a name she had come up with for another story. We sent it off (with A positive that she would get a reply, and me not so sure!) and to be honest after the first few weeks I think we had both forgotten all about it, Until one day last week when we found a letter on the mat addresses to A. The writing was very like a friend of mine’s but this made no sense as the friend would not be writing to A! Intrigued, she opened the letter and lo and behold it was a handwritten reply from Anna Wilson. After at least 2 minutes of jumping up and down screaming with joy A finally managed to look at the contents. It was a lovely letter replying that she was pleased A had enjoyed the book and thought her idea for another story was interesting – perhaps A could have a go at starting it.She encouraged her to keep writing and reading, and enclosed some other bits and pieces for her – a wordsearch, a recipe and a postcard with her autograph on. A was most thrilled that her name had been spelled correctly – a rare occurrence!  A very happy moment.



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