Today I have been the lucky recipient of not one but two gifts at work.

The first was chucked across the room to me (lucky I can catch) from the slightly more mental of the two guys and was (I hope) meant as a joke gift – a mug with the words “This is Vodka – I’m completely p****d” emblazoned on it. We are short of mugs in the office…..and I do like a drop of vodka on occasion but……!

The other was plonked on my desk in a big box, with a “Happy Christmas” from the less mental one. After checking I could open it – some people like you to wait until the big day or at least until they are out of the room – I was really thrilled to find a beautiful set of 3 boxes in decreasing size stacked up with ribbons tied round them. The label explained that they were a “hamper stack” and each box contained treats of various types. I didn’t open the boxes as I wanted everyone at home to see it in all its glory before I ruined it, so waited until I got home tonight. It’s so pretty that I had to take a photo.


There are lots of lovely little bags of sweets, chocolate covered raisins, cookies, shortbread, etc in each box. And best of all a bag of fab chocolate stars which will be perfect on my tree plate that I painted at the Craft Cabin all those weeks ago. Lovely.


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