Hit me

This evening A has been to our neighbours for tea. So after dinner, rather than slinking off to his room I persuaded T to stay downstairs and play cards with K and me. We broke open the poker set that K had for his birthday back in August and decided to try and work out how to play. After ten minutes we decided that we’d be better off sticking to something we know and started a good hour long session of pontoon, or 21 as we know it. So much fun. We played with chips against K as the dealer and it was brilliant. I never know when to stop so most of my “hit me’s” were followed by sighs of “oh bum, fold”. But I didn’t sulk.

A came home full of beans after a lovely afternoon and evening with her friend. She’d made cakes and brought some home. Delicious. So good to see her smiling and happy.


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