New year, new me?

Well, hello 2015. Nice to meet you. First blog of the new year and I’m feeling hopeful. Yes, I know I should say feeling positive but hopeful is how I am feeling.

It’s been a lovely Christmas. K and I were both struggling to get in the Christmas mood until quite close to the day. Not sure exactly why but suspect it was a combination of not having a clue what to get each other (simple answer should of course have been “nothing”) and K’s nan still being very poorly. But when Christmas Eve rolled around we both downed tools at lunchtime and headed off on a family walk to the pub in Flamstead, blowing away the cobwebs ready for the excitement to come. A is probably at the stage where she won’t believe in the magic for much longer so I have been clinging on to this last Christmas of leaving out food for Santa and reading Christmas books. Later, we saw the ISS fly over, watched a film together (that old Christmas classic The Lego Movie) and sent the kids off to bed ready for an early start the next day – 7.30am being the earliest we said they could wake us up.

No warnings were needed as we were both awake at 7am anyway, listening to excited noises and music from next door. And not in a completely bah humbug kind of way. Well, maybe just a little bit. A lovely day ensued with happy kids and my parents arriving to a calm house, a tasty dinner (even if I do say so myself) and fun games in the afternoon/evening. K and I even managed to open some presents that we had miraculously managed to buy each other and we’re pleased to receive.

The rest of the festive season passed in a slow mo blur of visiting K’s family, more food, seeing my brother and family, more food, lovely Miss T coming to stay, more food, New Years Eve with Miss T and the lovely Mr and Mrs F, learning to play poker (fully clothed before you snigger), more food and lovely walks and lunches.

I’ve avoided making any resolutions. I’ve done it so many times over the years and always ended up cross with myself for failing miserably after the first week. So, this year I just want to stay happy, enjoy the moments I get to share with my kids (they are growing up so fast and I can already sense the teen years approaching with the awkwardness and embarrassment – on the kids part and possibly some on mine? – that goes hand in hand with it all), and continue to make time for the important people. K and I have agreed that we need to take more time out on our own, and not just sitting in front of the tv together in the evenings. I am going to see if I can fix up some sort of reciprocal child sitting arrangement with my next door neighbour for a night out once a month. Even if it’s just to the pub for a drink or a cheap meal somewhere. And we’re definitely going to do our “family day out suggestion box” again this year, as we managed quite a lot in 2014 and made some great memories. So, not resolutions, just commitments and plans.

Today, we went out with G & G (without K, who had work to do) and it was a lovely end to the holidays. I even picked up a couple of new things for next Christmas – I just need to make sure I don’t forget that I have got them, unlike this year when I bought a new advent calendar (I like those perpetual ones that you can re-use) having forgotten that I had already bought one in the post-Christmas sales the year before. We now have 4 or 5 different types of calendar, and only 2 children. Maths was never my strong subject.

So, it’s a big “welcome” to you, 2015, and here’s to lots of “happy moments”.






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