We sat down as a family last night to write our days out wish list for the coming year. We had some brilliant days out last year and we are all keen to repeat the experience this year and tick off some of the places we didn’t manage to get to. It’s great to have this list and we try and do one thing each month – weather and cash flow permitting. I’m determined to get to Hampton Court and the V&A museum this year and the kids have requested Madame Tussaud’s, the Tower of London and a theme park! If should be interesting.

Today, while we were out getting some shopping, I picked up a booklet for the Lee Valley parks. We’ve been cycling quite a few times down at Lee Valley but we’ve only scratched the surface of the trails available, hence the booklet. Well, who knew there was so much to do there and quite how big an area it covers! Whilst perusing the booklet I noticed that there is a campsite area that offers “cocoon” lodge type camping. We’ve camped in “pods” twice and I hated it the second time. K and T enjoyed it though and agreed they would try and go again on their own. This seemed just the ticket. On further investigation we noticed that they do a four-berth cocoon which comes with bunk beds and a double sofa bed, as well as heating! So, in a moment of utter madness we’ve booked two nights at the start of the May half term for all of us to go. We will take our bikes and spend the days exploring the various trails and our evenings wide awake (me) and wishing I was at home in my bed (me again). At least I will have the rest of the week to recover!

Our first “days out in 2015” entry is on the calendar. What else will the Beddoe four get up to?! Hopefully nothing else that involves a sleeping bag!…….


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