Wednesday night is now “family game night”. Neither of the children have any evening activities and K and I agreed that we need to put aside a specific night to do something with them. Don’t get me wrong – we do interact with our offspring on the other evenings as well but normally in the process of driving them somewhere or reading with A or looking at homework (note the use of the words “looking at” as opposed to “helping with”).

So far we’ve played Monopoly (a 30+ year old version from my childhood); cards; and tonight I introduced them to the delights of Frustration (purchased in the charity shop for £3). Not my greatest work ever. There’s a reason it’s called what it’s called. And I wasn’t thinking of my target demographic when I purchased said game. We’re not renowned for our patience and the process of waiting…….and waiting…….and waiting… get a 6 to start playing was beyond anything my children have ever experienced before (or so it would seem). T said, at the point where I had got one of my pieces “home” and he alone was yet to get off the starting blocks, that he would actually cry if he didn’t get to move soon and was this game “supposed to be fun?”. Oh dear. K won which was equally annoying. Yes, it’s all down to chance but he still always manages to look just a little bit like he’d planned it just perfectly. Hmm. I can sense a donation back to the charity shop very soon. Mouse Trap anyone?


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