Cheer up


That’s how I’ve been feeling for the last few days. Just bleurgh.

Not unwell; but not quite right either. Not fed up exactly; just not on top form. Just a bit crappy, bleugh sort of thing.

However, a few things have made me smile today so, in memory of my 100 Happy Days challenge, I am going to list them and think about them and then maybe the bleurgh-ness will just melt away.

1. Seeing Harpenden common looking like a Christmas card this morning, beautiful in it’s frost covered splendour with the sun breaking through at just the right point.

2. Walking into the office and hearing Radio 2 playing. Not Heart FM. This meant that my day would not be spent listening to the same rubbish songs being played over and over on a loop and rubbish adverts for local places that have been using the same advert for the last 20 years. My colleagues had finally figured out that you can play the radio from a computer rather than just through a radio (I didn’t feel it was my place to suggest this modern way of thinking) and so we now have a whole new world of radio channels to make our way through rather than the only one we can get a reception of.

3. As a result of this new-found radio happiness, hearing three of my all time favourite songs (it’s a long list): Sorry Seems To Be The Only Word by Elton John; Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush (this was ruined by my colleague squealing along like a cat in an attempt to parody the song); Blueberry Hill by Fats Domino (dad used to play it and I love it) and one of my current favourite songs: Take Me To Church by Hosier – just brilliant.

4. Managing to chat with a mum friend at school who I haven’t had chance to speak to for ages, and it was like I had spoken to her only last week.

5. K arriving home early despite indications that he may be late. We are due to go out tonight for dinner as part of our new “quality time together” plan (our neighbour happily agreed to the reciprocal babysitting idea and is coming round tonight. She even said that she owes us about a million sits for all the times I have already done it for them, so no need to reciprocate – yet) so I am glad that he is home nice and early and I won’t feel bad for dragging him out when he has only just walked in, knackered.

6. Seeing a brilliant post by one of my lovely book club ladies about things only “book people” will understand. (I have been avoiding Facebook since the New Year in a bid to not be drawn into all of the nonsense that was going on with the one-upmanship. But, I had to check an advert that my colleague posted today and had a quick shufty).

7. Checking my diary and realising that tomorrow night is Book Club! Nuff said.

So, seven things today that made me smile. Surely that bleurgh feeling is not going to be seen for dust..?!

……..Ooh, a late addition…..

8. Checking the website for the pub tonight and there is whitebait on the menu. Life just can’t get any better.


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