Day 101

A few weeks ago I bought a knitting magazine (I know, I’m only 42) because I have been wanting to start knitting again after a brief fling with it a while back. The magazine was spotted by my shopping buddy when she was out and she suggested it to me. There was a kit enclosed with it for a very cute knitted owl, which I completed and who now sits happily on A’s bed. One of the projects in the magazine was for a cowl made up of 4 different patterned sections. I am a bit of a sucker for scarves and snoods, so decided to use some of the money I made selling my old iPhone to buy the wool suggested for the project. I haven’t chosen the colours suggested as they were pinks and blues and as the end result will be for me,and not a gift, I have chosen colours more in keeping with my style (or lack thereof…).

So, happy moment for today… wool has arrived and I can start my project. I totally expect to start, unravel, start, unravel as I usually do when beginning a knitting project but that’s part of the process for me! Hopefully, I will have a picture of the work in progress fairly soon…watch this space. You never know, it may be ready for me to wear before the end of the cold season!


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