Day 102

Today didn’t go as planned. I was meant to be meeting a friend for coffee and to hear all her news from the last year (since I last saw her). I was then meant to be buying a birthday card and gift for my nan, to take to her tomorrow. I had books and magazines to return to the library. Then I was going to buy something nice for K and I to have for dinner after the kids were fed and occupied elsewhere. None of the above happened. Instead I have been at home all day with A off school with yet another tummy ache. A tummy ache that was up to a score of 8 (we score things like this out of ten with ten being no pain whatsoever) by lunchtime. Again.

I’m not a heartless mother. I would rather chop off my right arm than see either of my kids in pain, but really could she not have had a tummy ache yesterday when I was going to be at home working all day? I could have sent her to school (I have on the previous two occasions after the miraculous recovery on the occasion before that) but would have spent every minute of the time with my friend wondering if I was going to get a call from the school. And that call is far more guilt-inducing than sending her in feeling poorly.

So, instead I have done the ironing (loathsome), changed the beds, baked nan a cake (which I was going to do, but had to resort to a crappy cake mix instead of from scratch as I needed ingredients) and supervised A doing a school project (a score of 8 is well enough to get some homework done).

But in the midst of my (childish and pathetic) sulking were some happy moments: Mrs F bringing me a jam doughnut and staying for a cup of tea; getting one and a half sections of my knitting done; Mrs L and J coming by after school to see how the (not very) poorly (at all) girl was; watching the first Harry Potter film (again).

My day may have not gone as planned and I am probably going to be rushing round like a fool in the morning getting all the things I was supposed to get done today but it could have been worse (she could actually have been ill) and I had some happy moments.


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