Monthly Archives: February 2015

Day 129

Happiness today: buying silly little inexpensive things for my girl for her birthday; Mrs F and I sat in traffic talking about the People’s Strictly and both saying at the exact same time, the exact same words “it was lovely to see Flavia and Vincent though” – made us laugh til we cried; getting to taste a new type of chocolate in Hotel Chocolat (blimey it was delicious); the beatiful sunshine walking up to school. 

Not so good: losing it at bedtime. Now I just feel like the worse mum ever. 

Oh well, another day another dollar. 


Day 128

I haven’t been in the office for nearly 2 weeks what with half term and days off so it was actually quite a happy feeling going in today. It’s nice being at home working but it can get easy to not do much and then I feel guilty for getting paid to, well, not do much. Today has been a productive day and I definitely earned my crust. It was also rather nice to walk down by the river again to the bakery for some lunch. It’s going to be really lovely in the spring. 

Day 127

I’ve finally worked out how to knit with more than one colour on a row! This may seem very basic and a pretty easy skill to master but it’s really been frustrating me. I’ve tried it before and just ended up in a complete mess; or the front looks ok but the back is all tangled. But tonight, after several attempts, I have finally managed something that resembles the picture and that isn’t all messed up on the back. Not sure it will ever be seen by anyone else but at least I know I can do it and hopefully I will get better at it. 

Another great moment was A’s parents evening. Her teacher is fab and she was really lovely about A. And she’s making progress in her maths! At last. She still panics when any sort of time constraint is put on her but she’s slowly getting better at it. So proud of her. 

Day 125

Nice things today:

Mooching in Paperchase at all the stationery and buying some notecards.

Drying A’s hair post shower. I’m very envious of her lovely long hair and am so glad she likes having it long. I dreamed of having hair like hers when I was young(er) and could therefore spend hours brushing and plaiting it etc. if she’d let me!

Not having to cook Sunday lunch. We were very indulgent and went out for lunch and it was so much more enjoyable as I didn’t have to peel a single carrot.

T getting a text from his mate (who has been away for half term) and seeing him happy to hear from him.

Watching another episode of Smallville with my boy.


Considering I normally can’t bear February half term, this one has been quite enjoyable and I feel a bit sad that they are back to school tomorrow.

Day 124

A day late again (well, twelve hours really).

Leaving kids at G&G’s with big smiles knowing they’ll have a great time – tick.

Coming home and getting ready without interruptions -tick (although I missed my little confidence boost from A that I normally get through her completely unbiased eyes).

Night out with friends -tick.

A good day.

P.S. An unexpected smiley moment when I received a message from a girl that worked for me before I had T. She had just left school/6th form college and it was her first office job, covering for me when I got married and in the run up to me going on maternity leave. She went off travelling for a while but we kept in touch on and off. She had confided in me (after we had both left work) that she was gay and had been worried to tell me while we were working together as the office was quite conservative. We lost touch after a year or so just through having very different lives and her being away so much. However, it turns out that she is now living in Markyate and happened to drive past me walking along the road from school. She tracked me down of Facebook (it still has some uses!) and sent me a lovely message. We are meeting up next week, when I will get to meet her twin babies and hear all her news from the past ten or so years! Very exciting.

Day 123

Last day of the half term and my day off. A trip to Bletchley Park with G&G was planned and the weather was supposed to be awful. But no, the sun shone and we had a lovely day. T and I are now desperate to see the Imitation Game. Luckily, the Odyssey are showing it next Sunday, so I’m going to try and get tickets tomorrow when they go on sale.

The best part of the day has to be hearing from lovely KT about her first meeting with her baby daughter. She sounds absolutely adorable and I can’t wait to see her. KT was so happy and thrilled with the reaction she had from baby J. Next week she gets to spend every day with her and it’s going to be amazing. Very, very happy.

Tonight, as A and I are re-reading the Narnia books we decided to watch the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe again. And it was brilliant. T even deigned to watch it with us!

Happy day.