Day 104 and 105

Being naughty doing yesterday and today together. Was too tired last night to blog and I’ve already had a happy moment today so I’m going for a double whammy blogging spectacular. Well not really spectacular but you get the idea. Yesterday was a pretty unremarkable day so I have to use the old fail safe of cuddling up under the blanket with my girl watching the second Harry Potter film for my happy moment.

Today’s happy came from nature. I went out to pop some washing in the dryer in the garage earlier on and decided to check on my pots and tub of bulbs that I planted in October. I wasn’t hopeful of any success as I’m not renowned for my green fingers. So I was pleased and very surprised to see some lovely bright green shoots poking out of the soil. And lots of them too! Very happy moment. (Green) fingers crossed that they survive the frosts and produce some pretty flowers in due course!

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