Day 106

Not happy to see the snow this morning. I don’t get snow. It’s pretty to look at from the window I grant you that but going out in it is hideous. Driving in it is scary and it’s just downright disruptive. So I was thrilled that it all just disappeared as quickly as it came. But it did make me smile to see A so excited about it whilst walking to school. It brings it home to me that she is still a young child who enjoys things that young children enjoy. She’s so grown up sometimes that I forget.

Another happy moment this evening when we sat in her room together and played with her Sylvanian animals. She’s been obsessed with bloody loom bands for weeks and weeks so I am trying to encourage other forms of play. Hence the Sylvanian session. And it was lovely.

I’ve been out this evening for an impromptu drink with my friend (and nearby neighbour) who I only see every now and again. We were expecting a very quiet night in the Plume. Little did we know that we would be joined by approx 20 older men from the local Roosters club who were celebrating someone’s birthday. So much for a quiet drink! A lovely evening nonetheless with lots of laughs and much putting the world to rights. Happy times.


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