Day 108

And relax….I’ve had a massage this evening at our local beauty salon whilst A was at brownies. Lovely. Although I do struggle to “switch off and relax”. How do you do that? I can never seem to clear my mind and stop thinking about stuff – has K arrived home yet? Is T ok on his own waiting for him to get home? What if A has an accident at brownies and they can’t get hold of me? Will it snow again tomorrow, scuppering my plans (the plans I had last Friday and that I intend to fulfil tomorrow)? These are just a small selection of the slightly more lucid thoughts that were trolling through my head whilst I was having my legs kneaded and my back pummelled. It was lovely and I did feel relaxed but I then had to get up and get dressed and go out in the cold again! Ho hum.

Another happy moment was seeing A’s friend J opening a letter that my lovely friend (his mum) brought up to school for him to open – he’s earned a Blue Peter badge and was very pleased to say the least.


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