Day 109

Such a busy day I didn’t get chance to blog last night.

Lots of things to feel happy about yesterday. Lovely clear blue skies for a starter. Day off work for another. Meeting my friend (who I was meant to see last week and haven’t seen for almost a year). Taking Mrs F to collect her bouquet of flowers that she won on Facebook. Booking somewhere (finally) for the first week of our summer holiday in North Devon. Eating a lovely dinner with K.

Seeing my friend was lovely but very hard at the same time. She’s had a terrible time in the last 18 months after discovering that her (soon to be ex) husband has been incredibly, unbelievably disloyal and unfaithful. He was always such a solid, honest person and he’s betrayed her in the worst way. I feel shocked to the core that he’s behaved like this but she’s getting through it with the support of her brilliant kids


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