Day 115

Seeing my girl coming out of school smiling and happy is just about the best feeling. I know it probably won’t last (and that’s not me being my usual pessimistic self, it’s just a fact that we have both finally got our heads around) but it was just lovely to see and made me smile.

Thursday nights are Brownies night so, while A is out, T and I have been sitting down together watching Smallville (Superman teen years). I wasn’t expecting to like it – we’ve borrowed the disks from K’s brother – but had agreed to watch it with him. I’m well and truly hooked. We’ve just started the second series (season if you’re American – what’s that all about?!) and it’s brilliant. Very funny and decent storylines – normally with some sort of underlying moral tone and what a great role model! I don’t mean the superpowers or the cape (he hasn’t got that yet) – he’s just a really decent kid who loves his parents and looks out for his friends. Some of the episodes are rated 15 which I would normally refuse to let T watch but they seem to be mainly due to a spot of smooching – which he’s not quite so awkward or embarrassed by any more and we tend to joke about it. It’s great to have something we like watching together and he still snuggles up which makes me very happy. I love Thursdays. Not as much as Friday’s, but they come a close second.


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