Day 116

I know I go on about Friday’s but they really are fab.

Today I went off to assembly as A was standing up to announce some of the team points. It’s not a massive deal but I haven’t been for a while so decided I should go. Good timing as she also received a spelling certificate.

After that it was shopping time with Mrs F. Today’s destination was Watford. I bought nan some chocolate coated ginger for Christmas from a shop that Mrs L introduced us to last year. She loved the chocs so I was on a mission to get some more. It turned into more of a mission than I anticipated as the whole foodie section that they previously had on display was gone! However a last minute check of the till area uncovered a few packs, so I bought her two packs and my first thing on my list was ticked.

We continued in a very successful manner with cross stitch kits purchased for A’s birthday and a fleece for mum to give her; Valentine’s Dine In meal from M&S purchased for dinner tonight; free cake and tea in John Lewis for refreshments and the day was a resounding success.

T had plans to go “into town” after school today with a few friends and I had agreed to collect them all, so A and I popped to see G&G while he was out. The plans went a bit awry as two of the group decided to go into Southdown with another lad and the other two unwillingly went along with it. I was a little surprised (understatement of the year) to see T and his friend walking along the road as I left mums. I picked them up, and then headed off to find the other two by the co-op. To T’s dismay I read the riot act and explained in no uncertain terms that as twelve year olds they were not to be walking into what is effectively another village when they were supposed to be grabbing a milkshake and then being picked up at a designated point. Silence all the way home to Markyate with a mumbled apology from each of the boys as I dropped them off. Thankfully, their parents were in total agreement and each of the boys has apologised properly since. A bit of a learning curve for all of us.

A lovely dinner with K and I’ve just woken up after nodding off in front of the TV. It’s tiring, all this gadding about and being a responsible parent.


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