Day 119

Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy today to do my happy blog.

I have been following with great interest the renovations of the old Odeon in St Albans. It was the cinema of my youth and I have so many happy memories of the times I spent in there. I remember very clearly the first time I went with my family at the age of 10 to see E.T. We had been to the cinema before but not often and normally to the Embassy cinema in Harpenden. So the trip to the big Odeon was a real event. (The film terrified me but that’s another story and nothing unusual!)

I carried on visiting the Odeon with family and then friends and then boyfriends. I was very disappointed when it closed in 1995. It was looking shabby and in need of an overhaul in the face of competition from the new multiplexes that had sprung up. But I still loved it and preferred to go there than the big, busy, overwhelming new ones.

Today, the children and I parked the car and walked down London Road in the rain to the newly opened Odyssey cinema and the minute we arrived at the big glass front doors I felt like a teenager again. It’s been beautifully refurbished and as we walked into the theatre, down the steps to our seats I almost had a tear in my eye. It was stunning.

Our seats were at the front of the upper section behind the safety barrier where the middle steps used to lead down to the lower tier. These have been removed and the lower area is now a table and chairs area like the Rex in Berko has. It looks brilliant. The children were thrilled that we had proper glasses for our bottles of water and I was particularly impressed that two bottles plus two packs of treats only cost me a fiver! Half the price (at least) of the nasty Empire at Hemel! But the piece de resistance as far as A was concerned was the large fluffy cushion that she was given to sit on to boost her up a bit instead of the ridiculously uncomfortable plastic affairs that she’s normally given. Just brilliant. To top it all, the film was great (Night at the museum 3). Lots of laughs; a slight moment when I realised it was the last film that the super brilliant Robin Williams appeared in; and almost crying with laughter at the ending. A truly brilliant afternoon and I cannot wait to go back again.


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