Day 121

A happy afternoon at the park with old friends, the sun shining and lots to chat about while the kids ran around like, well, like kids. They seem so grown up sometimes that it’s lovely when they get into a game and mess about being the age they actually are rather than the age they think they are!

Sadly, on our return A promptly threw up which put a slight damper on the day but she was, as ever, extremely stoic and put a brave face on. K assured me that he could quite happily cope with a sick child (different reaction to a few years ago!) and this Cinderella could go to the ball as planned. Well not a ball, a night out to see Alan Carr at the local theatre but in my eyes that’s as good as any ball. And a great night it was, once I’d persuaded myself that I wasn’t abandoning my child (just leaving her in the capable hands of her father who loves her just as much as I do) and that I did deserve a break having done half term singlehandedly whilst still doing the day job. Yay me, what a superstar.

You can’t beat a few hours of non-stop laughter to make you feel good. Knackered, but good. And home before half ten. Result! A has been absolutely fine and no more episodes so hopefully all on course for our day out on Friday. Fingers crossed.


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