Day 122

Late posting for yesterday.

T has finished his geography project. Hurrah! No more homework for half term. He’s put an incredible amount of effort in to it and deserves a fantastic grade (in my humble opinion).

I spoke to my lovely friend on the phone and got excited about her meeting her daughter tomorrow for the very first time! Her life is about to change beyond all recognition and I’m so excited for her and the experiences she’s going to have. This little girl is so very lucky to have been found such an amazing woman to have as her mum. I’m thrilled for both of them.

A seems to have recovered from the bug she has had. She spent the day in her pyjamas and declared herself fit and well for our trip to Bletchley Park with G&G today.

I am going great guns with my latest knitting project and am hopeful that it will look ok. Time will tell.

All in all a not bad day. It felt pretty dull as it was unfolding (apart from that phone call) but looking back it was actually not half bad.


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