Day 137

Too tired to post last night. Great day out at Cadbury world for A’s birthday. It was lovely for the children (and K and me) to spend the day with K’s dad. We’ve not had many days out with K’s parents in the past. Unfortunately his mum has arthritis in her knees and hips so can’t get around too well and she’s recently hurt her back so she was even more incapacitated than normal. But we took her back some goodies and had dinner with her so it didn’t feel too mean going out and leaving her! 

Over dinner we talked a bit about Nan and Grandad – I didn’t know much about K’s grandad as he died before I met K. I knew he was injured during the Second World War and never really recovered but had never felt I could ask about it. But after such a great day out K’s dad seemed happy to chat and he told me all about it. He was blown up in the battle of El Alemein in Egypt, hurting his back. He had a long recovery during which time he was sent to South Africa for treatment and convalescence. (Coincidently K’s family lived in South Africa for a number of years when K was very small through his dad’s job.) He never completely recovered and some time during the early sixties he developed an abscess on his spine which caused gradual paralysis of his legs. He was wheelchair bound for much of his later life before his death in the early nineties. He earned a number of medals during his service but he never spoke of the war and K’s dad doesn’t ever recall seeing the medals – and they haven’t been discovered since his Nan died, whilst clearing some of her things. Hopefully they will be in some dark cupboard that no-one has looked in. Or maybe they’ll never be found. 

It was great to fill in some of the gaps that I’d had about K’s grandad. He was very special to K and I feel like I know him a bit better now. 


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