Day 144

Mothers day. A day of lie-ins; breakfast in bed; a card and a present maybe; being told to put your feet up; etc etc.

It’s all a bit wasted on me normally. I don’t like lying in (so many other things I could be doing and my back gets really achy). I don’t like breakfast in bed much – crumbs in the bedclothes, jam on the sheets, having to wait in bed til it’s brought up to you by people who’d much rather still be in bed themselves. I like cards and presents – not joke cards or ones with googly eyes on though. And I’m not fussed about being waited on hand and foot. I’m a mum because I want to be a mum, not so that I can get cards and presents and slaves for the day….But I do love the handmade things and the lovely messages and the little gifts that make me smile (a book full of different types of notepads and sticky notes for me to write lists on!!) and I love being with my mum and knowing how fab it is to have kids that adore you. Even when you’re grumpy. That’s what makes Mother’s Day important. Understanding how your mum feels about you because that’s how you feel about your kids. 


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