Day 150

Was far too fed up to even think about finding a happy moment yesterday. 

Nothing terrible happened. There were no arguments. We had a perfectly ordinary day at home. K mowed the grass. T jet washed the patio, I cleaned the house and A had a pyjama day due to having a cold. T then went out with a mate so the rest of us watched a film for A to review for homework. We’d all seen it before so I felt no remorse at working on the knitting “project”. I’d finished all the knitting aspect of it. It just needed sewing together. 


My prior optimism that it would all look much better when it was finished was, it seems, deeply misguided. See? Optimism and me just don’t get along. I should have learned by now. 

Two thirds of the way through bodging all the crappy, loose, beginners-touch, cast on edges together and I was almost going to throw it all in the bin. Even talking to mum about it didn’t make me feel any better. 

I came to bed thoroughly pissed off and despondent that a couple of months labour has amounted to nothing resembling what I had pictured in my silly “I’ve never made anything like this before but I’m sure it’ll be easy” imaginings.

I’ve woken up this morning (after dreaming – yes I’m that boring – about knitting/bodging) and I’m going to try and salvage something from the mess. I think that with a bit of extra work and some changes to some of the sections it might be vaguely passable as the intended article. 

So. Back to the “happy”. I can’t pinpoint a moment or a reason. But I guess looking back at the day I can be happy for having Just Another Ordinary Day. It’s quite nice to just potter around each other and eat meals together, and chat. We have a lot of weekends where we are out and running around trying to get things done. So I’m going to embrace the ordinary and slightly mundane. Sometimes we need it. 

P.S. Will update on knitting-gate as it unfolds (or unravels as the case will probably be). 


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